Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bloody Marys Fit for a Ramblin' Man

Loaded with horseradish and gusto, the dudes got up to exit the QB. Upon leaving there was a harsh reality to be faced... it was really bright out. Thirsty dude Pryce received the least of this harsh solar penalty due to his stunning shades (see above or below). After many squints and perhaps even a few groans, the dudes loaded into a vehicle to hit the furthest Mary destinations so that they would be near home once driving was no longer practical... or legal.

Hearing rumors from co-workers and general hubbub about the drinks, the next stop was the Lonestar Grill in Lacey. The car is parked and the dudes belly up to the bar... which almost no one is in. Perhaps because it was only 3 PM, but what does that matter? The restaurant is very obviously owned by the same people as Ramblin' Jacks with the decor that says "Yes, we are an Olympia restaurant" while still having the wait staff dressed nice enough to imply "Fuck off Hippies". It takes a moment, but a rather bro-ish gentleman approaches us and asks what we would like.

"3 Bloody Marys, two extra spicy."
"That kinda day, huh?"

Little did he know about the thirst the dudes before him brought with them. He took one more look at us while he poured the vodka and informed us that he was going to give us "a pick up" and dumped a little more into each of our drinks. This begins a formidable base, 3 glasses that are just teeming with monarch vodka. He pours the mix in, an almost strangely orange mix that is absolutely loaded with spicy floaters. He garnishes up the drinks and hands them over. Dealing with the request of extra spicy, he said they started pretty strong and so he simply plunks down a bottle of tapatilo next to the 3 drinks. While this may have been a cop out, it was a TD approved cop out, because simply, the dudes were going to put more in than any reasonable bartender would.

The drinks were boss. Spicy, flavorful, and somehow not tasting like the pool of shitty vodka that each one actually contained. They were garnished nicely and served in a large glass. The bartender continued to talk to us about things such as the awful next day consequences if you were to go on a lavender cosmo tasting tour (no need to hide your desires, you've thought about it). Finishing off the drinks was no chore, if it were any other day, it probably would have been time for a second, but this fateful day called for a new location.

Final Scoring - 5/5

Size - 2/2
Spice - 2/2
Strength/Skrilla - 2/2
Salad - 2/2
Scrumptiousness - 2/2

In the end, on a scale of Howard Langston to Conan, QB receives a Terminator (Fuck YEAH!).


Drunk Dan said...

Update your blog Woodson

Anonymous said...

This is Joy S. from Yelp...and i am beside myself with bliss after finding your bloody mary posts.

this is all i ever drink.

keep up the research and let me know if you need any outside resources.