Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quality Burritos - So So Bloody Marys

Stepping in from the bright sunlight, it took the dudes a few moments to adjust to the welcoming darkness of the bar. With hangovers ranging from from mild to moderate, alcohol was in high demand and the Quality Burrito had exactly that. Each of the original three dude team had enjoyed the services of the QB before, great happy hour, tasty cheap drinks, a waitstaff with more Olympia street-cred than a pan-gendered vegan, and of course, quality burritos.

No one cramped the dudes style (the bar was empty) as they bellied up and ordered (demanded) their first round of Bloody Marys - two extra spicy. Food was also needed so that the Marys didn't hit empty stomachs. The selected food was what the average gentleman starts their day with, two orders of JalapeƱos and Calamari.

The bartender was attentive, chatty, and awesome in most ways. She suggested a couple bars around town with Bloody Marys worth seeking and quickly whipped up the QB's own take on the world's best breakfast booze.

Situated in tall glasses, the drinks were dark red and very thick. Garnished with a lime, stuffed green olives, and the condiment that set them apart from the rest - a jalapeƱo spear - the cold beverages were warmly received.

Thick and hearty, the first drink of the day was a meal in itself. Especially if your ideal meal contains somewhere between an asston and a shitload of horseradish. Aside from this fact, there was a frightening lack of spice in the QB's drinks, even those which were requested "extra spicy" (extra spicy got the drinks a few dashes of Tabasco). The drinks were a good size for what they contained, not a small rocks glass, but not a pint glass at the same time. The amount of vodka in the marys was adequate, but not enough that you could actually taste it over the horseradish attack mix. Coming in a $6, the QB served up a pretty average bloody mary.

Please note this the QB's poor showing in the making of a bloody mary should not in any way discourage attending the bar for other reasons. Almost everything on the menu is amazing and most of their drinks blow minds.

Final Scoring - 2.5/5

Size - 1/2
Spice - 0
Strength/Skrilla - 1/2
Salad - 1
Scrumptiousness - 1/2

In the end, on a scale of Howard Langston to Conan, QB receives a Dr. Alex Hesse.

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Amanda said...

This is very humorous. I hope to learn more about this profound experience. It reminds me of our restaurant notebook, separated by intersection.