Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adventure Undertaken

This first post on the Thirsty Dudes Beverage Sampling blog is to announce that a group of Thirsty Dudes convened on August 2nd for their first foray into the land of drink reviewing. The team, initially dismayed by the Pints and Quarts lack of a "Bloody Mary Bar" after the groups average waking time of 1 PM, took to the streets of the greater Olympia area in search of the most perfectly spicy, well garnished, and just plain delicious Bloody Mary that Thurston County had to offer.

The Bloody Marys were judged on a five star scale with five corresponding categories. Spice. Salad (garnish). Size. Strength per Skrilla (value). Scrumptiousness. Extra unranked points included how a request for "extra spicy" was treated, how cool the bartender was, and whether the bar was full of assholes.

After the sampling was finished, the dudes' thirsts were quenched and six establishments had been visited. All the sampled Bloody Marys (never to be referred to as BMs) were on the more expensive end of the spectrum, all averaging about $6. The group has vowed to sample cheaper ones around town as soon as they can stomach the idea of more tomato juice.

So, curious thirsty residents of the Olympia, prepare to be enlightened about the finest Bloody Mary in the land as the Thirsty Dudes tell you what's up.

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